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Project Description
The objective of this project is to create a very exact approximation of a game of Texas Hold' Em as it's played in American casinos.

Particular emphasis is given to the use of LINQ to determine the winning poker hands and to properly assess kickers when ties occur. Poker hands use the IComparable interface.

In its native state, you are pitted against four other players. Your default is an AI player, but the code has a feature to allow you to play as a human and raise a dialog when it's your turn to bet.

In this initial release, a basic (and highly rudimentary) betting module is included in order to make the product complete from end-to-end. Full betting remains an area for further development.

There is a modest battery of unit tests included in order to gain confidence that the poker hand comparison logic is bug free.

This application is not intended to ultimately become a commercial offering, but rather it's for Silverlight developers to have some FUN experimenting with different AI personalities and betting strategies.

Author: Garry Vass (WPF/Silverlight Specialist)

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